Our Story


The Hobby Years

Making wine started as a hobby for Bill Fry in the mid 1990's. After sampling a friends homemade Rhubarb Wine, Bill was not only impressed, but hooked. Wine making at the Fry's house began as a few small glass carboys on the kitchen counter. Bill's wine-making hobby quickly outgrew the kitchen and was moved to the garage. He experimented with anything he could get his hands on: raspberries, blueberries, kiwi, rhubarb and more. He received such good reviews from friends and family he wanted to share his creations with everyone and so the idea of Bear Creek Winery was born.


The Early Years

Bill and Dorothy jumped in with both feet and put everything they had into starting Bear Creek Winery and Lodging. They opened their doors in 2003 and thanks to the support of friends, family, and the locals of Alaska they began to grow. Wine was batched in 5 gal carboys, labels were printed from the home computer, and fruit was purchased from neighbors.


The Current Years

As word spread of Bear Creek's award winning wines and unconditional hospitality so did the popularity of their wines. With popularity came growth and Bill and Dorothy found themselves in need of more space. Space came in the form of a new timber frame production facility that was finished in the summer of 2011. While we still do make specialty batches of wine in 5 gallon carboys we also make 500 gal batches in our new facility. Thanks to all of our local supporters and traveling visitors who have helped us grow.