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Raspberry Rossa Big, bold Italian grapes and Alaskan raspberries make this dry dinner wine Dry $26.00
Shirazzberry Shiraz from 'Down Under' with a pleasing zippy Alaska raspberry twist Dry $25.00
Blueberry Mirlo One of our popular fruit-flavored special blends-soft and easy Med $25.00
Alaskan Chardonnay Clean, crisp with a smooth finish. It will win over the non-chard fans! Dry $18.00
Sno Goose Layered and multifaceted, this wine changes as it travels across your palate. Med-Dry $24.00
Spring Harvest Our most unsespecting wine, made from 100% rhubarb. Unique and crisp Med-Dry $18.00
Wild Berry Our house blend of Blueberry, Strawberry, Rhubarb, and Raspberry is a favorite with all our regulars Med $18.00
Raspberry True to the fruit, this is the wine that started it all for us Med $25.00
Blu Zin Refrshing, spirited- an Alaskan twist on California White Zinfandel Med-Sweet $25.00
Pomegranate This wine has a delightful aroma with a spicy sweetness that leaves you wanting more after the first sip Sweet $20.00
Blueberry An exploding rich blueberry taste, this wine is full bodied and smooth Sweet $25.00
Black Currant Soft and smooth with a kiss of tartness and a finish that keeps on going! Sweet $24.00
Strawberry-Rhubarb A light wine that holds the essence of the fruit with a dry finish. This wine will delight you! Med-Sweet $20.00
Black Raspberry A Sweeter wine bursting with true-to-the-fruit flavor Sweet $20.00
Alaskan Port Rich and warm, this full-bodied classic is fermented in a ruby port style and finishes with a lingering fruity flavor Sweet $14.00 (375 ml)
$27.00 (750 ml)


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Kiwi-Pear Spring Wine (April-June) $20.00
Peach-Apricot Summer Wine (July-Sept) $20.00
Green Apple Fall Wine (Oct-Dec) $20.00
Christmas Berry Thanksgiving/Christmas Season (Nov-Dec) $24.00
Chocolate Raspberry Port Winter (Jan-Mar) $14.00 (375 ml)
$27.00 (750 ml)

Tasting Room Exclusives

Availability and Prices Vary

To follow new varietal releases:
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Gooseberry Unique white wine with earthy tones and notes of spruce  
Meads Distinctive wines made with pure Alaskan honey  
Melomels Honey wines infused with fruits and berries  
Alaskan Apple Apples fermented in a bold, strong, dry style  
Golden Raspberry Dry raspberry flavor with citrus notes  
Alaskan Strawberry Delicate strawberry flavor that teases your tastebuds  
House Red Traditional red grape wines  
Ice Wine A sweet Riesling dessert wine  
Black Currant Reserve Crafted to showcase true wild black currant flavors. Bold and tangy  
Cups Red A blend of traditional red wines spiced up with cranbery wine  
*Note that these are the suggested retail prices and that actual retail price can vary from state to state and sometimes from store to store.